Ground Clamps

Ground Clamps

Ground clamps are a very important welding safety accessory. Welders use these large clamps to connect the welding equipment enclosure to the ground to ensure that the enclosure and the ground are at the same potential, and they won’t experience an electrical shock. Using ground clamps to ground the enclosure of the welding machine also limits the voltage of electricity used when welding, in case the insulation in your equipment fails to work properly. When you weld using higher quality ground clamps you’ll be reducing energy costs and extending the life of your welding cables.

U.S. Welding & Safety Supply Co. carries a large supply of Lenco ground clamps. Lenco’s clamps have the largest contact area with the ground than any other ground clamp guaranteeing you a safer weld. These ground clamps also have serrated upper and lower jaws made from high copper alloy, which prevent rust and corrosion. This is important because rust can interfere with the grounding of your welding piece, making it more difficult to weld. You can see all of our Lenco ground clamps when you visit us online at USWeldingSupply.com. 

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A good ground connection is just as important in a welding circuit as the holder and the cables. A good ground clamp reduces anergy costs, extends cable life, helps produce consistent welds and allow ground location to be easily changed.

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