Powerful Longevity Welders For Every Welding Job

Whether you’re searching for a stick welder, TIG welder or a MIG welder, at USWeldingSupply.com, we have Longevity welders for all your welding needs. Choose from three different Longevity stick welders, including the Stickweld Series 140, Stickweld 250 and the Stickweld 315. Each of these powerful stick welders comes with an assortment of useful features, that are sure to please every welder.

  • The Stickweld Series 140 is a portable lightweight welder. In fact, these Longevity welders are among the lightest arc welders available! Powered by a high speed-cooling fan, these Longevity welders come with everything you need to begin welding, except welding rods and a power supply. It even has a carrying case, which allows for easy transfer from job to job.
  • A stickweld 250 welder requires only a single or three-phase 220V power supply in order to power it for welding. These efficient welders don’t require a gas supply, and come with an adjustable amperage current, ranging from 20 amps to 250 amps.
  • Much like stickweld 250 welders, our stickweld 315 Longevity welders only needs a 220V power supply, and does not require a gas supply in order to weld. In addition, it also comes with an adjustable amperage control, but unlike the stickweld 250, these Longevity welders have amperage current, ranging from 20 amps to 315 amps!

When it comes to TIG welders, we have four available. Choose from the TigWeld 200, TigWeld 200DX, TigWeld 315, and the TigStick 250.

  • The TigWeld 200 is our latest Longevity welder. These Longevity welders are a TIG welder stick welder combination unit, featuring Infineon based IGBT electronics, and comes with a 200 amp DC pulse TIG welder, which can be powered by a foot pedal or adjusting the settings on the machine by hand. This powerful welder also has a 160-amp stick welder built in!
  • Similar to the TigWeld 200, the TigWeld 200DX is also a combination TIG and stick welder. These Longevity welders come with a 200-amp AC/DC pulse TIG welder, and a 190-amp AC/DC stick welder!
  • The TigWeld 315 is our first 3-phrase TIG combination stick welder from Longevity. This combination unit includes a 315-amp AC/DC pulse TIG welder and a 250-amp AC/DC stick welder.
  • Our last combination TIG/stick welder from Longevity is the TigWeld 250. With a 250-amp TIG welder and a 200-amp stick welder, this machine is also water cooler compatible, so you can use it to weld thick material using a high heat to penetrate.

Our selection of MIG Longevity welders includes the MigWeld 250P and the MigWeld 303. Both of these powerful Longevity welders come with a newly designed internal wire feed system and spool gun compatibility. This machine comes with full amperage and speed adjustments, and has full pulse amperage settings with complete adjustment. You can learn about these and all of Longevity welding products at USWeldingSupply.com.

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